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Shipping Rates

Shipping and Handling 1-5 units $25

Shipping and Handling 6-12 units $35

Shipping and Handling 13-24  units $45

Shipping and Handling 25-50 units or more $55


Shippping and Handling when order total is $1501 + = 3% of order total


Shipping rates shown are to the contiguous 48 states. Shipping rates to Hawaii and Alaska will be higher

We currently ship all order throug UPS and FedEX.  Rates vary depending upon size of order.

We cannot ship to post office boxes


Returns require a return-to-vendor number that can be obtained by calling 800-215-2354. All garments must be returned within 30 days of receipt in the same box as received. All garments must be returned unworn with tags attached. The Suitable Co. will only accept garments sold and shipped by The Suitable Co., etc. Credit will be issued to your account when garments are received by the vendor.

Custom Or Customized Blazers Cannot Be Returned

From modest beginnings in 1880, and through the changing face of fashion, Hardwick Clothes continues to prevail as the oldest privately-held apparel manufacturer in America.

A family legacy that has never strayed far from its roots in Cleveland, TN and the belief that innovation is fostered by change.

Each garment is proudly crafted in the U.S.A. using the same standards that helped shape our heritage and a time-honored tradition for superior service, quality and care.


Today, Hardwick stands as a modern facility with the heart of a family business dedicated to serving a nation and those who appreciate fine clothing.

The Singer Family has been producing apparel for the uniform industry since 1934. Third generation management maintains that a high quality standard and consistent customer satisfaction are the keys to maintaining year after year of top performance.

In the days when men’s suit manufacturing thrived in the city of Philadelphia, many large textile factories covered the wide area of North Philadelphia where the Executive Apparel vision was born. High quality manufacturers like Stanley Blacker, After Six and Botany 500 were at the height of their success producing hundreds of thousands of garments weekly. It was in those years that the Singer boys learned their trade from their father.


In those days thousands of workers would listen for the factory whistle that called them to work; the whistle that paid entry for the many new immigrants starting their futures here in the United States and entering through the port of Philadelphia.


Those days are gone now but some things stay the same: Quality, hard work, and service are still the watchwords of the Executive Apparel family. We welcome you to join us and hope to work for you soon!

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